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I actually. Have terrible road rage for an infp. Though I do wonder about those in cars around me as well

I'm an INTJ but I divide my time equally between contemplation and road rage.and contemplating my road rage.

http://infjdoodles.tumblr.com/post/8908237811/i-had-this-problem-until-the-first-time-i-fell-in 1,280×956 pixels

I had this problem until the first time I fell in love. Prior to that it was so easy to make others emotions a barometers for success.

ENFP - Te: "Te turns up in ENFPs in their assertiveness about their opinions; they will keep the peace, unless something they feel strongly about is violated (Fi) or someone says something that is so totally irrational or narrow-minded that they can’t help calling them on it (Te)."

Me dealing with my grandmother. My Te and my Fi start getting up to crazy biz and I narrowly avoid strangling her.

I don't necessarily agree with this. Isn't one of INTPs traits is that they always doubt themselves???

all of the enfjs I know are really mean, awful people. so this may be the reason why.

haha I'm not that evil lol Entp. unless I'm really.. really cold, I mean colder than u. than ya sorry Jackie I don't control the weather lol

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Depression in ENFPs - Fi vs Fe

Question: "I suffer from depression (ENFP) and was wondering about how that translates to functions. I understand if you don't know much about depression and can't answer the question, but I just w.

ENFP- As much as I enjoy being happy, it's insubstantial if I'm not making other people happy in the process.

ENFP- As much as I enjoy being happy, it's insubstantial if I'm not making other people happy in the process.---YES!

/INTJ happened tonight actually..... again!

The other day this chick was trying to tell me that vaccines don't work, and I had to turn to her to ask her to repeat herself. Then I had to walk away before she told me that they also cause autism and I bitch slapped her.