Different types of knots.
Noeud de chaise (noeud marin de base)
The Book of Sailing Knots: How to Tie and Correctly Use Over 50 Essential Knots
Bracelet macramé
Weaver's knot, helpful with yarn color changes
science-based preparedness guide for surviving nuclear fallout
International Guild of Knot Tyers - Surrey Branch - 98 4 x 3 Turk's Head
How to tie a Slipped Sheet Bend
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Turks head
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En kjekk knute/løsning for å lukke poser og sekker. Ser for meg at dette er en smart patent for heising av sekker også.
<span class="readhead">The Running Bowline</span>  <hr>  Use it to hang gear, drag game, or form a snare. The beauty of this knot is that it does not weaken rope and is easy to untie. -"Keith McCafferty    <p><b>1., 2.</b> Form a bight near one end of the