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Product of winter break boredom. Matt and mello in a compromising position.. >.> Enjoy. And the sequel/follow-up: [XD Thanks for all the views and comments! How the heck it got so many, I wil...
mello and matt - Google zoeken
another pinner says : "I made this for my favorite Death Note guys. Top Left= Mello, Bottom Left= Beyond, Top Right= Near, Bottom Right= Matt, Center= L! :D Forgive my fangirl-ness. XD".  I forgive you...
Tags: Death Note, Mello, Matt, Near, Wammy's House
Death Note: Habits. by SilentReaper.deviantart.com on @deviantART
Matt x Mello - death note
Matt. Most popular, hardly there and quickly dead character ever.  <<I LOVE YOU
Tags: Death Note, Matt, Mail Jeevas, Matt with green and blue and red hair