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Libra Tattoos | InkDoneRight.com  Libra lasts from September 24 – October 23 and heralds the start of fall. We collected the most beautiful Libra tattoos, and we’ll go over different..

This is big Libra zodiac tat on back! In the middle there's tree with no leaves and quite big roots at the bottom. Libra is hanging on a tree trunk and you can see round libra zodiac sign in the middle of tree.


Ok this is amazing. I am thinking calf tattoo. And how appropriate are the words considering the struggles I have had all my life. This one is a keeper!

My second tattoo done 12 October 2013. A semi-colon is used to when a sentence could have ended....but it didn't. My story will not end until it's time for it to end. whenever that is, it's not up to me when it does end.

semicolon tattoo, to raise awareness for depression, self-harm, suicide, and anxiety. to pause and then go on. it's not just a random hipster thing. research the semicolon project!

Butterfly+Tattoo+Designs | ... pequeños para mujeres butterfly-lower-back-tattoo – esbelleza.com

Lower back tattoo designs are commonly chosen because it is sexier, hot and feminine. In luring out the best, a lower back tattoo design can be.

Soon the weight will be lifted off your shoulders knowing that your troubles…

Different wolf tribal tattoo on full back

60 Awesome wolf tattoos + more about the meaning of wolves. Designs include tribal and howling wolves, wolf head and paw tattoos.

libra scale 30 Overwhelming Libra Tattoos<<< would love a tattoo of my zodiac sign

The seventh astrological sign of the Zodiac, Libra, is quite unique as it is symbolized by a pair of scales instead of a human or animal, like most other signs.