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How the Shard measures up

Structural Engineering - World's tallest Buildings compared to London's latest Skyscraper, The Shard

You might be a nurse if...

Whereas I am not a nurse in the human world I am in the animal world. I see this played out even in our hospital almost every day. I have actually said the one to my coworkers on more than one occasion.

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Golden Ratio

Art nerds and mathletes unite! Josh Smith's Golden Ratio is the perfect Tattly to show some love for the most aesthetic and harmonious of proportions.

LOL! "do you need anything before i go to sleep? i don't want to be woken up."

Dear Doctor, well there are a few who are fun to wake up since they are so grumpy.

Think before you speak

Think Before You Speak Printable Posters

Lots of people today need to really THINK before they speak. Too many people have forgotten how to be kind and speak with respect. The saddest part for me is that children are watching and learning how to imitate the same behavior.

Social Media Cheatsheet for your business

The Top 9 Social Networks For Your Business (Infographic

El top 9 de redes sociales para negocios The top 9 social networking for business Social Media Cheat Sheet for Businesses Infographic

Anthrax bacteria

Bacillus anthracis, a bacteria used as biological weapon: Anthrax.

racoons | BBC Nature - Raccoon videos, news and facts

More alien mammals have invaded Europe than Previously thought. The top three mammal-invaded areas are the UK with 18 alien species, corsica with 19 and sardinia with

awesome Danger! Falling Rocks: Meteorites and Asteroids (Infographic) Infographics science facts! :D

Falling Rocks: Meteorites and Asteroids (Infographic) Infographics science facts!

Североирландская партия выдвинула идею об объединении с Ирландией http://ukrainianwall.com/ukraine/severoirlandskaya-partiya-vydvinula-ideyu-ob-obedinenii-s-irlandiej/  Одна из старейших североирландских партий — Sinn Féin, выдвинула идею об объединении двух Ирландий. Однако правительства Ирландии и Северной Ирландии отвергли предложение о проведении референдума об объединении, сообщает Deutsche Welle.

Why Ireland split into the Republic of Ireland & Northern Ireland “A brief overview of the history of Ireland and the events that led to the political division of the island. Including: the Norman and.