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Sales Technology Landscape - May 2013 - Cedarcone

The sales technology landscape is intended to aid better understanding of the different categories and types of sales technology available today to support sales organizations and sellers.

Amazing info-graphic of marketing technology resources. As of Feb. 2012, this list undoubtedly needs to be updated.

The Law Of Accelerating Media, And How To Deal With It

Marketing Technology Landscape Infographic -- what better way to viscerally express the awe-inspiring explosion of software in marketing.

Las 10 mejores APIs para Internet de las cosas

Las 10 mejores APIs para Internet de las cosas #infografia #infographic

Top 10 Internet of Things API's: Learn how today's top 10 most innovative APIs are changing the way you connect to the world around you.

Open Source Landscape

Open Source Landscape

Moms – The true technology power users | Lees onze artikelen op http://vonbrink.nl/nieuws

Awesome Infographic: Moms, The True Technology Power Users. if you aren't a mom don't forget about them!


Today’s HR Technology Landscape (and the Trends Shaping the Market) — Medium

emerging tech roadmap by Barkley

Moonshot forecasts some of the emerging technologies that will reshape brand and consumer interactions in the years ahead.

The internet of things - infographic

Cisco Visualization - The Internet of Things. By 2020 there will be 50 billion things connected!