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The zoot suit was epitome of men's fashion during the 1920's. The jacket was designed with shoulder pads and wide lapels. You can see on these two figures an overly long watch chain hangs from the waist. The pants were baggy in cut and then became tighter at the ankle.

During WWII, zoot suits became popular uniforms for young African and Mexian Americans. Style: Long jackets with wide shoulders and large lapels. Wide baggy leg trousers, pulled up to waist. Wide brimmed hat with feather.

demobilization suit - late 1940s example of single breasted demob suit.

demobilization suit - late example of single breasted demob suit.


Mug Bonnie Jean Werner was arrested and charged with animal cruelty after an eyebrow mishap inspired her to staple live tadpoles to her forehead.

Men's Suits, 1946

English drape - suit cut for men that became predominant style. Cut for comfort that fell with a wrinkle through the chest and shoulders