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WHAT ON EARTH IS THIS ? "Just watched NCIS New Orleans and this amazing radar-less, semi stealthy Navy jet was on. Got Wing and tail of the old for some reason 3 air intakes and funny forward swept Wing tips"


Image detail for -. developed by general dynamics for the united states air force

airplanes pictures | An Overview And History Of Air Force Planes | Air Force Handbook

Air Force Thunderbirds-Nellis A. - Las Vegas Nevada - One of the bases I was at when I was a kid.

F 117 Stealth Fighter

I worked Emery world wide for 10 yrs a i love planes so much so i was up close an personal with this one .another wow factor ;

100%™ Sukhoi Su-47 Berkut | Russian Air Force

Red star: The Berkut is an experimental fighter jet built by Russian company Sukhoi in it features a pair of fixed wings that sweep forwards. The high lift-to-drag ratio of the wing design provides enhanced manoeuvrability at supersonic speeds