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Shorthand writing is difficult on the computer, but before the rapid typing arose a special technique was need to take rapid notes.

ANCIENT ALPHBET At the time of the Middle Ages, when thousands were being murdered on the charge of witchcraft, there were many (including high dignitaries of the Christian Church) who engaged in the...

Thedan Script - used extensively by Gardnerian Witches Runic Alphabets - they served for divinatory and ritual purposes, as well as the more practical use; there are three main types of Runes; Germanic, Scandinavian/Norse, and.

I want to learn!!  shorthand alphabet

The Teeline shorthand alphabet is essential for learning shorthand. Each letter is one of the many ‘building blocks’ that are used to write words and phrases. Shorthand letters can either be very s…

Phonetic Alphabet/ Morris Code...I have always wanted to learn this. haha! #nerd

Phonetic/Morse Alphabet -- two things I have been wanting to learn for a long time.

Im a writer I swear

Fighting Reference - various weak points I'm not a psycho, I'm a writer. assuming there is a difference.🔜if I'm choreographing a fight scene I need to know this stuff ok?

Teeline Shorthand

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