Missing you + No texts from you = Worst feeling.  When we don't text, I miss talking to Him ❤️

Not talking to you when I miss you the most makes my heart break into pieces every second I'm not talking to you.

You Found Me // The Fray

You said you would be here for, I actually thought that just for a second you were different. You totally let me down.

I sit here thinking of you & wish I was there with you..wish I could smell your amazing scent..feel your soft skin..kiss your luscious lips.........I Love YOU so much it hurts!! I Miss YOU Baby...YOU!!!!! ***

I sit here thinking of you & wish I was there with you.wish I could smell your amazing scent.feel your soft skin.kiss your luscious lips.I Love YOU so much it hurts! I Miss YOU Baby.

Awesome :)

love this quote! I think I need to make something like this for Valentine's day. Wooden craft with vinyl lettering or print and frame? Fits so well currently we use the word awesome like its going out of style! Maybe cute for future house

Fate can bring you another chance at something you are supposed to do,or someone you are meant to be with, when you get that chance, What will you do??? <3

nice If something was really important. If something was really important, fate made sure it somehow came back to you and gave you another chance. Events conspired to bring you back to wher.

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