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Coca-Cola Logo (Decorative Logotypes)

Created by Coca-Cola founder John Pemberton’s bookkeeper, Frank Mason Robinson, in The typeface used is the Spencerian script. It was developed in the century and was the dominant form of formal handwriting in the United States.

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I like the coke logo because the choice to use a fluid typeface adds a whole different style to the Coca-Cola product and the company.

VAIO Computers


Sony Vaio This Sony logo represents the brand's integration of both digital and analog technology. The "VA" is designed to represent an analog waveform and the "IO" symbolizes binary code.

Walt Disney by Dareen on emaze

The lack of a flat, boring font shows that Disney puts creativity first.

¡Buenas Supergalácticos!, hace poco vi en internet y en varios medios informativos todos los efectos negativos que tiene la Coca-Cola sobre nuestro oganismo cada vez que la tomamos, yo sabía por ej...

Efectos de la Coca-Cola en nuestro organismo

Love Coca-Cola: aluminum can or McDonald's fountain form. Hate their ethics as a…