secret crush quotes :) we like to call this my teller crush

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You have NO idea what it feels like

Someone from Kaukauna posted a whisper, which reads "Trying to get over someone you never dated is the worst. And no one understands why it's so hard.

Secret Love❤

It's so hard to pretend to be friends with someone special, when every time you look at that person, all you see is everything you want to have. I think of T every time.

Yes VERY much!

She wants a man (not boy) to look at her while she's smiling with friends and doing stupid things and she wants him to think "damn, I love that girl"

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Whether you are crushing on your best guy friend or that guy you see in the cafeteria at work here are 31 of the cutest secret crush quotes for your guy.

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30 Images That Hit Too Close To Home For Shy People

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