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<b>If you're adventurous enough to pierce a part of your ear other than your lobes, try one of these adorable ideas.</b>

Triple Helix Piercing (left ear) I LOVE this! I want it.

Simple + elegant                                                                                                                                                                                 More

This is a triple helix a did a while back with tiny little yellow gold balls and a matching bezel CZ center by bvla. I love doing clusters of super small jewelry like this!

next ear piercing?! I think so!!!! PS. See more similar content at: http://www.fashionisly.com

i had the top pierced in my skull tattoo to put a bow earing.first time i took it out, it closed :(

Dia desses, em uma das muitas horas que passo diariamente pesquisando imagens, vi um desses cliques acima, uma orelhinha lotada de brincos pequenos. Alguns pageviews depois, mais uma, e outra…até que acendeu a luzinha da tendência – adoro! – e o tal do “Ear Bling” entrou na lista de posts a fazer! kkkk A cada …

Tendência de acessórios: Ear Bling

I was going to go get the triple forward helix but my piercer Andrew said unless you have lonnnng ears it just looks weird.sooo i wish i could pull this off buttt no! Oh well glad i have a friend that does piercings that will tell me these things haha

Totally in love with forward helix peircings, gonna get one when i can.. but should i get triple or just 1? That is the question

The Double Helix + Triple Forward Helix + Double Lobe Piercing: Would you try these piercings? I want double helix for sure, indecisive about the triple forward helix but it's so cute!

Whether it’s a #diamond stud, dangly multi-piece, or a hoop #earring, the lobe is the most conservative #piercing for women.

Whether it’s a stud, dangly multi-piece, or a hoop the lobe is the most conservative for women.

A Guide to Alternative Ear Piercings. I already have lobe piercings on both sides, I want to get either a second lobe or a helix on both sides for my birthday (that is, if mom says no to a nose piercing!).

A pictorial guide to the alternative ear piercings available from an experienced piercer. Jewelry available for all these piercings from SPEEDY BODY JEWELRY!