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Deer resistant: Cerastium Silver Carpet

Cerastium Silver Carpet, also known as Snow in Summer, makes a great edging perennial plant, and is drought and deer resistant.

Perennial & Biennial Seeds | Thompson & Morgan

Perennial & Biennial Seeds | Thompson & Morgan

Deer resistant, part-shade, attracts butterflies: Digitalis 'silver fox'

Another beautiful perennial foxglove with an added bonus: gorgeous silver downy foliage! Find out more about Digitalis Silver Fox here!

Digitalis purpurea

Digitalis purpurea

Black bat flower

Black Bat Flower I am not sure whether it's the WHOLE flower that's the bat (it looks kind of bat-faced) or the middle part (pistil?) that also looks a bit like a tiny bat face. I love orchids; I love bats; and I love purple.


The closest he could get to breeding that deep blue rose he desired was only a pale purple. a lilac color.