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St. Joe's dietitian Melissa Murray has tips for eating healthy during shift work

Joe's dietitian Melissa Murray has tips for eating healthy during shift work

How To Make A Magical De-Bloat Potion

Magical DeBloat Potion Recipe Ingredients: Tbsp Turmeric* Tbsp Ginger* tsp Cayenne 5 Tbsp lemon juice OR drops of CPTG Lemon Essential Oil Optional Stevia to taste, or maple syrup.

Col Flu and Sleep Gummies  1 1/4 cup tart cherry juice (where to find) 4 Tbsp unflavored gelatin (where to find) 1/4 cup Elderberry syrup (get the recipe here) 2 Tbsp raw honey (where to find)

Elderberry Gummies Healthy Gummies for Cold, Flu and Sleep. Healthy homemade gummy recipe that helps little ones sleep, while also boosting their immune system!

Foods that boost your metsbolism

10 Foods That Boost Your Metabolism get that metabolism up and running and lose weight today

Una deliciosa y nutritiva opción para el desayuno un plato de avena con moras y un poco de yogurt griego o queso cottage

Diet Lean Muscle Mass Meal Plan Crushing weights isn't the only factor in gaining lean muscle. This nutrition plan will have you packing on the muscle mass in no time.

Apple cider vinegar elixir

Apple cider vinegar elixir

I drink a glass of this every day. I use a squeeze of lemon in place of the ginger though. If you use a fresh apple in place of apple juice, it's slightly thicker, but I prefer fresh over the juice because of the sugar added in juice.

15 minute arm workout

15-Minute Arm Workout: Armed For Summer

Arm Workout: Armed For Summer Get firmer, stronger, sexier arms and shoulders with this fast-acting circuit workout

El blog que relata nuestra lucha contra la obesidad, contamos con muchisimos tips para adelgazar acelerar tu metabolismo y bajar de peso

Want fab abs? Add chia seeds to your daily diet Add 1 tablespoon of chia seeds to your daily menu. Thanks to 5 grams of fiber, a tablespoon of chia seeds can help suppress appetite and keep your digestive track moving along.

Certain foods can help you maintain your health and prevent disease after menopause. Learn more about a menopause-friendly diet at EverydayHealth.com.

The Menopause Diet

Carbs have been found to increase levels of serotonin, a chemical in the body that can boost mood and reduce stress. Just make sure to choose healthy carbohydrates like sweet potatoes and whole-grains for better nutrition.