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Vic Hislop and the biggest great white shark ever caught

In the photograph above, we see a great white shark caught by Vic Hislop in This would be the biggest ever white shark ever caught. i do not condone the killing of sharks for sport.

vertical -  I pinned this onto Crackpot CrAzY! (Overboard!) because this is INSANE! Like WOW, the strength, the power, holy SHIT!! I don't have a board yet to put this where I think it deserves to be, mind blowing, yet scary to me cause they kill us, hunt us OR bite into boarders, swimmers by accident thinking they are seals, etc., whichever!! they freak me out! I LOVE SWIMMING & the Water! but guys like this kinda make me....well  in a way, what a bummer, in another it's SO COOL!!

Military Pictures: 4 m great white shark leaping out of the water the whole prey was shot [HD larger image]

Amazing #shark picture from the National Geographic

Eye Level with a Great White, photo by Stephen Frink. The great white shark Latin name Carcharodon carcharias, literally means "ragged tooth"

madishy:  great white shark by Vitaliy Sokol

great white shark by willyam Global link with my underwater photo: An underwater world discovered Red sea, depth, marine life of beautiful coral reefs.

river monsters | Mondo Pesca News: SUD AFRICA: squalo dello Zambesi gigante

World Biggest Bull Shark Ever Caught /// Bull sharks are the most dangerous…

Surprise! Sharks Have 'Social Lives'

Surprise! Sharks Have 'Social Lives'

Sand tiger sharks congregate in the shallow waters of the Delaware Bay in summertime. Researchers at the University of Delaware in Lewes use acoustic tags to track the movements of individual sand tigers in the open ocean throughout the rest of the year.

poor shark, but still he is awesome

Colors Magazine, a magazine about the rest of the world. Vic Hislop’s sharks have been slaughtered on the beach for cat food and shown in the Tate Modern.