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Childhood's End - Arthur C. Clarke    *Maybe my favorite book of all..

The Best "Entry Level" Science Fiction Books to Convert Your Friends. So many good recs here!

human bat robot gangster

The Human Bat v The Robot Gangster, vintage book cover art illustration

One of the best in science fiction, Larry Niven's book "Ringworld" takes you on a fascinating journey into the future!

Ringworld is a 1970 science fiction novel by Larry Niven

Eye Eye!

Philip K. Dick - Eye in the Sky

Space Colony by Shigeru Komatsuzaki

“Space Colony by Shigeru Komatsuzaki” ~retro-futurism

isaac asimov books - Google Search

(I just can't resist the giant eyeball in the middle) "Nine Tomorrows," Isaac Asimov edition), cover by Paul Lehr

Not Pulp Covers

I love retro sci-fi images. I think they captured the spirit of sci-fi in a way…


Have space suit, will travel. futurism back to the future tomorrow tomorrowland space spaceship planet planets starship stars starbase spaceport age sci-fi science fiction pulp martians BEM's alien aliens ray raygun blaster phaser

Love this! "Spaceships at Angkor Wat"  Series 1940 's Visions of the Future Artist Unknown Period Source country USA Source Year 1943

Spaceships { Retro Future - Retro Futurism - Vintage Sci Fi - Flying Saucer - Space Ship - Ray Gun - Atomic Age The future of the past.

Brian Aldiss: Space, time and Nathaniel...loved this weird cover when I was  teenager, must read the contents!

Space, Time and Nathaniel by Brian Aldiss. NEL Cover artist Bruce Pennington Space, Time and Nathaniel by Brian Aldiss .