Put a smile on my face to say the least :)

What a Croak of S**t!

23 Famous Movies And Songs Reenacted In Emojis

23 Famous Movies And Songs Reenacted In Emojis

Emoji Story - Will Smith! Fresh prince of bel air theme song

Never saw it coming - awesome joke!

Never saw it coming

Funny pictures about Confession. Oh, and cool pics about Confession. Also, Confession.

Best Of Drunk Baby Meme (18 Pics)

I think it's a geek thing? drunk baby meme kid drinking beer peek a boo guy funny pics pictures pic picture image photo images photos Lol!

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Basket Baby - so glad someone finally made a meme out of crazy newborn photography. Am I the only one who thinks putting a naked baby in a basket and putting a giant feathered headband on it is completely silly?

According to this book...

as a husky, i'm used to being buried in frost Condescending Literary Pun Dog

Bras are not fun. I used to measure customers for them. Nothing worse than someone who complains about a crappy bra, gets measured and is completely offended by the size I "made up". The math is simple. The tape measure doesn't lie. I don't miss retail.

Bras We've All Known

If bras could talk - support bra lingerie funny bra types humor

This used tom be me.....Ahhhhhh, the good ole days

sometimes I drink a glass of water to surprise ma LIVER

We’ve published many list of funny texts in the past: text from parents, funny responses to a wrong number text, the funniest text message pranks and more, but we never published funny text m…

Funny pictures about Dog has a flea problem. Oh, and cool pics about Dog has a flea problem. Also, Dog has a flea problem.

People are suspecting pranks, so be so committed to the prank that you convince them you're a relentless customer service bot. Think you've gone too far? Go further.

12 obnoxious texting pranks to send your friends

kid gave people his number, got trolled. kid gave his number out on fb and someone pranked him with cat facts. people brows front page moron. cat facts fact i


Dog Texting Knock Knock Joke: Tell me a joke. No you don't understand human jokes. Oh sure because humans are so smart and dogs are so dumb.

It's all fun and games until the cat gets you back by barfing in your shoe!

This isn't even remotely funny ;-) lol - This isn’t even remotely funny ;