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One is happy, one is crazy, one is a hostage.....you be the judge

Bad Family Photos: 14 More Funny & Stupid Relatives

Really what the heck Good gravy another proud Mother moment .

Awkward family photos of Halloween- Mr Mom: A dad who is clearly secure in his masculanity slapped on some lipstick, donned a skirt and a string of pears for this quirky holiday photo-op

If she's playing hide & seek she'll eventually figure out that no one is looking for her.

But too funny .Walmart Called - Your Photos Are ready (part 4 - 25 pics) - Seriously, For Real?

Awkward Prom Photos

35 Tragically Awkward Prom Pictures That Will Make You Glad You’re No Longer a Teen

I'm thinkin' we should bring back us some 80's hair hahaha

The had some bad, bad hair. Mine was never quite this big, but Aquanet and Aussie could do some gravity defying tricks.

She looks high as fuck. Her hairspray and his spray tan makes her see dragons.

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24 Awkward Dad Pics That Might Make You Uncomfortable - Gallery

24 Awkward Dad Pics That Might Make You Uncomfortable

The 53 Most Unbelievably Awkward Dad Photos In the History Of The World.