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DOG MATING GIRL - TOP 10 Shocking Human - Animal Relationships

DOG MATING GIRL - TOP 10 Shocking Human - Animal Relationships

Big Cats

A rare black lion - except it's not. Even though there is melanism in the animal kingdom there have never been black lions reported. Every picture of a black lion is courtesy of Photoshop.

White lion beautiful blue eyes

Haldir, white African lion (Panthera leo krugeri, lev africky - bila forma) from ZOO Bratislava, Slovakia there are only few white lions, so this one is. White lion Haldir: look into your soul

You re the best, Dad

Lions - Dad and Son. " Now have you understood what I am saying son?

Pet Lion in 1970. "Living with a Lion". So adorable! Looks pretty much like Summer.

Melanie Griffith with the family pet lion, Neil ~ May 1971 (photo by Michael Rougier)


Big cat mother lion is watchful as her 3 cubs stay close and drink beside her. Black and white photo.

Puma - Animal -> Por: Angel Catalán Rocher <- Sígueme!

Cougar - Mountain Lion - Catamount - Puma - Painter - [Puma concolor] are all names for this large wildcat that resides from Canada right through to the far south of South America.