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"Put her in a protective and sealed case. That would probably be nice." cyberpunk globe (after Dali)

Embryo III, Steve Barrett this is what it looks like but there baby form not adult as here and a dark blueish green dull lighting

Replacement Parts: Engineering pigs, growing organs in the lab or 3D printing…

Replacement Parts: Engineering pigs, growing organs in the lab or 3D printing them?

"Replacement Parts: To cope with growing shortage of hearts, livers, and lungs suitable for transplant, some scientists are genetically engineering pigs, while others are growing organs in the lab." Bioengineering at work!

mandala, arte digital, futurismo

Exe: Collapse POSTER by FabioListrani on DeviantArt (Fabio Listrani, Italy), Designs & Interfaces / CD Covers FabioListrani. (Please, don’t remove the authorship of the art works)

~ Early Prosthetic Arm ~

IRON MAN: Ralph Mosher, an engineer working for General Electric in the developed a robotic exoskeleton called Hardiman. The mechanical suit, consisting of powered arms and legs, could give him superhuman strength.

Long Ouyang

Robot Head digital sci-fi illustration by Weta Workshop artist (Long Ouyang)

Rude Mechanicals

Sasquatch’s fourth album, classically titled ‘IV’ showcases top drawer song writing, groove-laden riffery, and exceptionally fat bass. The opening track gets.

Will there be a future where we might have mechanical body parts without even knowing?

Aleksandr Kuskov's vision of a mechanical heart

amazing mechanical Heart illustration by Aleksandr Kuskov, via Behance