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That is so true

If you hold back your feelings because you're afraid of getting hurt, you'll end up hurting anyway Movewithtime

Truer than we know. Stay strong, and stay courageous! The best is yet to come!

LET IT GO - No, that’s not for you. Let it go. I know you think it’s was what you need, but you must let it go. It will hurt you if you don't let it go.

And you KNEW it the WHOLE time.  Too bad you’re such a waste of oxygen

A guy is only insecure about losing his girl when he knows that someone else can treat her better. Thus why he's never been insecure. He knows I'll never find someone who can treat me well, because I don't deserve it.

I like that!

Be A Man

Inspirational quote: be the kind of woman that when your feet hit the floor each morning the days says oh crap she's up!

thatd be nice

Everyone needs to remember this! There's a guy out there who's going to be really happy that you didn't get back together with your crappy ex-boyfriend.

Make one special photo charms for your pets, 100% compatible with your Pandora bracelets.  So true


This is not just a teenager thing. Love getting random texts or phone calls during the day from my boyfriend, just to say I Love You.

The older I become, the less tolerable i seem to be..

The older I become, the less tolerable i seem to be.

Love doesn't hurt. If it does, it's because you have given your heart to the wrong person.

love this. I so gave my heart to the wrong person. sad but true. but ive lived & learnt by it!