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Flowers-I learned that this was actually Purple Haze, a blue and purple marijuana plant. Ha! I lived in the day and partied with the best of them and did not know this! Thank you Pinners for educating me!

Beautiful Bud - The natural beauty of the cannabis plant, otherwise known as marijuana.

Purple madness

Carefully selected mothers and ‘fathers’ are used to create our cannabis genetics. We use the most stable, viable and potent plants to produce our cannabis seeds.

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Bud of the day Today we show u The Blue Moon Bud. Nice don't you think?


Winter is coming indeed! Bud of the day Today we show u the Snow White Kush.

Blueberry Haze marijuana strain

With a heavy blast of blueberry and the smooth throat hit of the kush help make this e liquid smoke just like the real Blueberry Kush. Blueberry Kush E liquid

♡http://www.spliffseeds.nl/silver-line/blue-berry-seeds.html Gorgeous coloring

Albino Purple - perfect Christmas decorating flower, poinsettias are way over rated.