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Greek Anti-Turkish Propaganda Postcard Poster

Greek Anti-Turkish Propaganda Postcard Poster

1904-1905 russian-japan war postcard

RUSSO-JAPANESE WAR: Russian feelings on a Russian postcard. President Roosevelt mediated the conflict between Russia and Japan ~ When Postcards Were the Social Network

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chasing--the--universe said: I suppose being british that about sums up 300 years of my history Answer: I claim this McDonald’s in the name of France !

Soviet Frontier Guards Poster, 1975

Soviet Frontier Guards Poster, 1975

Italian  WW2 The destruction of Treviso "Good Friday, Passion Of Christ And Of Treviso". Racist, too.

Racism was a common trope in World War propaganda, on both sides. here, Italian WWII anti-American poster demonizing the African-American airmen who bombed Treviso.

Northern Irish unionist poster commenting on the Boundary Commision, an independent body who attempted to redraw the North-South border, 1923

Ulster Unionist Council poster, "Vote Unionist or Sink With Éire", 1953

great ad campaign for museum of communism

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