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Vulpix - #037 - Fire Type

Rydel the Vulpix Vulpix, a Fox Pokémon. Its six tails are extremely beautiful. As it evolves, it grows even more tails. Vulpix uses powerful flame attacks.

Lugarugan - My favourite Gen 7 Pokémon (so far)

Can you be considered an athlete for playing video games?

Vaporeon and Chinchou by bluekomadori.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Vaporeon and Chinchou by bluekomadori.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

Pokédex  | www.pokemon.net.br

Luxio is an Electric type Pokémon introduced in Generation It is known as the Spark Pokémon.

Something cute I found - Imgur

Something cute I found

Pokémon,feels,evolution,slowpoke Slowpoke is my favorite Pokémon and this makes me feel so sad

Pokédex | www.pokemon.net.br

Please adopt Minccino! Minccino likes cleaning up and is always very tidy. But watch out, because Minccino might try to steal your stuff!

Pokemon Sun and Moon | Lycanroc Midday

Dude its Sun Form is totally Wolf Link and its Moon Form is totally Keaton from Fire Emblem Más