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The Paulig Muki, a smart coffee cup, it converts heat to electricity that’s used to power an e-paper display, controlled via a mobile application

TBWA\Helsinki presents: The new coffee cup innovation by Paulig The Paulig Muki, a smart coffee cup, has been developed by TBWA\Helsinki’s new innovation unit: \Pilot. Paulig Muki is a re-usable.

This mug uses hot liquid to show you photos and inspirational quotes.

This Could Be the Smartest Coffee Mug in Your Kitchen

This smart coffee mug has a surprise with every cup. To jazz up your morning routine, the mug comes equipped with an e-Ink display, which shows a new photo every time you fill i.

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Cookie monster coffee cup (but you can put milk in it) with slot for cookies! Such a cute idea for gifts!

You're Radish Coffee Mug - Great Gift for Vegan or Vegetarian - Funny Mug

60 Awesome Gifts For Guys they'll actually want Youre Radish Coffee Mug - Great Gift for Vegan or Vegetarian - Funny Mug

So much easier

All plugs should have an easy yanking center from now on. 33 Ingeniously Designed Products You Need In Your Life

Donuts and coffee...the perfect mix.

Donuts and coffee.the perfect mix.

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I have a surprising lack of coffee cups in my life. I have four, to be exact: a Christmas one, one with a sweater on it (for fall & winter), my everyday Colorado one, and the one that stays at work (handmade by So I could use some more mugs in my life!

Coffee, refined. | Yanko Design

RAFINO is raising funds for The RAFINO - Coffee Grind Refining System on Kickstarter! The Rafino is a coffee refining system that delivers the most consistent grind with micron level precision

#Coffee is fuel for some and this mug will tell you exactly how much charge is left! ;)

Art. Lebedev Thermal Battery Mug

Battery image appears when you pour in hot liquid, levels go down as your hot drink goes down, might be the coolest coffee mug ever.makes a person feel like, they're in 'charge' .