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Marvel® Meets Myers-Briggs®.:

Elephant Robot: Marvel® Meets Myers-Briggs® - this one has the official MBTI stamp of approval! - no wonder I like Jean Grey so much!

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They need to make a dragon type Eeveelution so it can be in the INFP picture.

Love Marvel? Here are some interesting and weird facts you may not have known about.

Some interesting and weird facts about Marvel. ((fun fact about there's also a comic called, "Deadpool kills the entire marvel universe" XD)

Disney Myers-Briggs Personality Test http://geekxgirls.com/article.php?ID=1722:

Disney Character’s Myers-Briggs Personality Type: INFJ - Mulan and Pocahantas! <--- unlike most character MBTI things I agree with most everything on this one.


The Funniest Superhero Comics Collection (Part

It's the most awesome "spot the actor" ever!

Found him for you

He was also in Captain America as a General, Thor as someone trying to get M'jolnir out of the ground and in The Amazing Spider-man as the librarian ( Best one yet) I love to watch Marvel movies to see where StanLee is.

I like how this explains what you do 'first' not that it's all you do.

Great stick figure summary of each of the Myers Briggs types! :) Click the picture to see characters from tv shows, movies, cartoons and anime for each Myers Briggs personality type.

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I was laughing at everyone's whining, then I got to Deadpool's, fell more in love with him, then fell out of my chair." THIS is why a lot of people like Deadpool more then the others.

Superheroes - Then and Now...Personally, I miss a few of the earlier looks

Superheroes - Then and Now

Superheroes - Then and Now. It's amazing how they look cheesy back then, and now they look better. Not entirely true though. This is awesome because each Superhero has darker sides to them.

Marvel dates!!!

Thor Ragnarok AND The Avengers Civil War! The Future of Marvel Leaked?