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Discover The Root Bridges of Cherrapunji in Cherrapunjee, India: Centuries-old bridges grown from tangled roots.

If you don’t know the path of the buried sewage pipe across your yard, ask a plumber to show you. Avoid planting trees near the pipe to prevent tree root intrusion, a frequent cause of sewage blockage and backups.

Keep the sewer pipes from the house free of tree roots that may invade them. If roots are a particular problem in your yard, you may need to call in professionals once a year or so to clear the pipes.

Green roofs have other advantages.They scrub the air: one square meter can absorb all the emissions from a car being driven 12,000 miles a year, said Amy Norquist, chief executive of Greensulate, which installs green roofs.And green roofs can provide the plants that animals, birds and bees need where parks are far apart.

Green Roofs in Big Cities Bring Relief From Above

Water Photo Contest Contest Description: Any photo where the main focus is water will be accepted.

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