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Homemade PanAway Joint and Muscle Rub- cure aches and pains completely naturally
Suffer from allergies. Use Young Living essential oils to help.   https://www.facebook.com/stacysyounglivingessentialoils
Bruises Fade Away in 24 Hours with PanAway – the Eliminator! | Mommy Lives Clean
Using essential oils for anger management
Use helichrysum for vaginal bleeding.
DIY Homemade Pain Cream Recipe - Works great to relieve muscle pains and back aches. Use on sore, tired feet and for joint pain.
DIY pain relief cream using essential oils for life's aches and pains! Just 3 ingredients needed (Copaiba, PanAway and coconut oil)! Thrifty gift idea.
Young Living Essential Oils PanAway for muscle aches and pain Your Best Friend Post Workout
Have pain in your back or shoulders? Did a great workout but are feeling the after effects? PanAway essential oil is a great way to naturally relief stress and tension from muscles aches and so much more.
The PanAway really helps with the pain. But, not everything So I started using a plantar fasciitis essential oils blend including R.C., Valor and PanAway.