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Giant dragonfly fossil. Wingspan up to 2.5 feet.

The meganeura is an extinct dragonfly, (wingspan greater than 30 inches).

Mass Extinctions

Earth’s Worst Mass Murderers: Oxygen, Volcanoes… And Humans? Mass-Extinctions Infographic, World Science Festival

Archelon, Giant Sea Turtle

The Archelon is the largest sea turtle species ever discovered. It lived during a time when most of North America was covered by a shallow ocean, about million years ago. I LOVE skeletons!

Kronosaurus fossil.  Can you even imagine what this looked like when it was swimming through the ocean?

Kronosaurus meaning "lizard of Kronos" is an extinct genus of short-necked pliosaur. It was among the largest pliosaurs, and is named after the leader of the Greek Titans, Cronus.

Largest Turtle Shell ever found

Fossil of the largest freshwater prehistoric turtle, Carbonemys cofrinii, a 60 billion year old, South American side-necked turtle.

When we were kids didn't they only tell us about <10 dinosaurs?  Open the source page or save to read better.

"Diversity among species" Dinosaurs!pretty much all the dinosaurs ever discovered.give or take a couple of bones.