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** " Das it - me askin' Santa fer a BB gun."

WATCH: Billy Crystal & Fallon's Very Special Christmas Carol

A real life Garfield!

Be amazed by pictures of Orazio, the Italian, real life version of comic strip character Garfield who is as fat as his fictional counterpart.

Maine Coon kitty ~ so handsome.

A Maine Coon is a large breed of cat, not just referring to its voluptuous fur but its body mass, too. The Maine Coon lifespan is hardly any.


Puff watches the sun rise…… (by Jennifer Pountney)

Muffins.. my lynx point siamese

Lynx Point Siamese Kitten -Look how cute this little guy is!

Blyth big cat Lioncubb proves he's the top cat - Chronicle Live

Blyth big cat Lioncubb proves he’s the top cat