Desk Feng Shui for Business Success

Even though I don't think that Feng Shuei is a real thing, the minimalist properties and the symbolism for reminding myself what's going on in my world is worth looking into. ///Desk Feng Shui for Business Success

executive office layout

Includes: executive office layout, small office layout, and keep your office neat and clutter free.

feng shui bagua

Clear Clutter with a Feng Shui Trash Day

I've learned how to clear clutter quickly and easily. I call it the Feng Shui Trash Day. Feng Shui loves the number 9 and all multiples because there are nine areas in your home. Feng shui also knows how to clear clutter and enjoy the energy.

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Tiny home office: how to fit two people?

Gorgeous desk decor with gold, pink and navy!

Dress up your desk with gold accessories - gold stapler, fresh flowers = happy workplace