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witchcraft sigils and meanings | The designing of sigils is a noble and ancient art, any demon worth ...

Now available as an embroidered patch! P&P in the Satanic Mojo Etsy shop . Behold ye the here sigil of Satani.


Demons and their Sigils of Summoning, Occult Geometry, and Neon Spirits stuff for dark omen


I love the family tree and the tree of life. The tree of life I think could also represent family, since a lot of my family have passed away.

becomingwiccan: A basic knot magick spell for beginners just seal your intentions into the rope.

Witch’s Ladder Knot Spell: beware, this is a potent spell! I use this one a lot for constructive Magic; the kind that summons/creates.

List Demon Names | Demonic Names For New Babies

Choosing Demonic Names For A Baby – Celebrate The Underworld

Blind Runes

These bind runes are based on the Elder Futhark Norse runic alphabet. Bind runes are runes put together to serve a purpose. (Typically, they are burned into a piece of wood.

The Moon Glyphs

wicca-vuno-blessed-be: “ Moon Glyphs are magick symbols used for connecting with nature and Esbat magick. They are used by drawing the symbols in black ink on your skin.