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SLUD: Cholinergic Crisis

Cholinergic Crisis Cholinergic crisis is the over-stimulation at the neuromuscular junction to an excess of acetylcholine. Mnemonic below may also be known as SLUDGE with G as Gastrointestinal update and Emesis.


There are three medications commonly prescribed to treat cough – antitussives, expectorants and mucolytics. Antitussives work by reducing the urge to cough which is beneficial for non-productive coughs. Expectorants, on the other hand, irritate and stimu

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Nursing School: Assessment Mnemonics -because trying to figure out what kind of lung sounds are which still cause me stress

Do you know what your #pancreas does? Learn more in today's #infographic!

Understand Your Body: Pancreas *Correction: The body produces glucagon when blood glucose is low, and insulin when it's high*

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Anticholinergic drug effects. I'll remember that now!