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Watch the official trailer for Noah, starring Russell Crowe, Jennifer Connelly, and Emma Watson. A Darren Aronofsky Film. In cinemas

Night at the Museum (PG)

Top 25 Family Movies

Night at the Museum Starring Ben Stiller, Robin Williams. A newly recruited night security guard at the Museum of Natural History discovers that an ancient curse causes the animals and exhibits on display to come to life and wreak havoc.

Zombieland (2009) "Nut up or shut up" A lot can happen... and does! Excellent illustrated lesson on the all important "double-tap."

Zombieland (2009)

Zombieland Blu-ray Starring Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson and Emma Stone. Two men have found a way to survive a world overrun by zombies. Columbus is a big wuss -- but when you're afraid of being eaten by zombies, fear can keep.

My favorite Disney movie, perhaps because it's the first one to be seen through the eyes of my sons, but it never gets old. All of our family quotes this movie!

Belle is my favorite Disney princess.Disney's Beauty and The Beast My favorite Disney movie. I always loved the story.

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The Intouchables (2011)

Les intouchables - Eric Toledano, Olivier Nakache One of the best comedy movies originating from France. The story is rather untypical for the genre. The main actors are Fraçois Cluzet and (François Cluzet) and his caretaker Omar Sy

"Prometheus" movie poster

Ridley Scott's alien prequel Prometheus gets an incredibly dramatic new poster, showing one of the climatic scenes from the trailer. Prometheus is in cinemas 6 June

War Horse. Not many really liked this movie. I absolutely Loved it!

Director Steven Spielberg's epic World War I drama details the remarkable bond between a man named Albert (Jeremy Irvine) and his loyal horse, Joey. Adapted from the novel by Michael Morpurgo, WAR HOR

Captain America: The Winter Soldier free download

Marvel's Captain America: The Winter Soldier showtimes and movie theaters. Buy IMAX and IMAX Marvel's Captain America: The Winter Soldier movie tickets on Fandango.

The Edge of Tomorrow, 2014 - “Battle is the great redeemer.  It is the fiery crucible in which the only true heroes are forged.”

Edge of Tomorrow: Live Die Repeat starring Tom Cruise, Emily Blunt, & Bill Paxton

This movie is going to be awesome!!

Snow White and the Huntsman

Snow White and the Huntsman trailer and posters. New trailer and posters for Snow White and the Huntsman starring Kristen Stewart and Charlize Theron.