This picture makes me happy beyond words. Naruto, Gaara and Killer Bee!! XD

Naruto, Gaara and Killer Bee's rap group! XD rap group of jinchurikis!

Kankuro "Ummmm....G-Gaara....I think... t-that's cheating..." Gaara, "Nonsense Kankuro, shut up!"

Gaara would be the worst person to play beach volleyball against

Minato :D

Tobiramas face XD Hashiramas is too funny Sarutobi is like "thank god he didn't do anything" Minato just looks lost. The 4 hokages

Orochimaru...What are you?!

Naruto- the dad's going ' did you do that Sai? Do you SEE our kids/Boruto/Sarada?' Teach me your way, Sensei.