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fluval spec 5 gallon converted to pico reef tank

Recently I had made the decision to downsize again due to financial limitations but I did not think I could live without a tank set up so I came.

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Nano sapiens - 2013 Featured Nano Reefs gallon - natural filtration only

East1    Congratulations to community member East1 and his 17 gallon  reef aquarium for being selected for our March Reef Profile!  Hailing from the UK, East1s nano reef aquarium is a sculptural wonder, showcasing a diverse aquascape rooted...

gallon SPS tank is the swankiest pico reef to date Coral, Nano Aquarium, News, SPS Corals Reef Builders

2.6 Gallons Pico Reef

Page 1 of 2 - Gallons Pico Reef - posted in Pico Reefs: Tank Size US GallonsLightingLEDalmost 3 months.

Nano Acuario con Gorgonias y otros organismos no fotosinteticos

Feature Aquarium: Small Wonders - 3 'Postmodern' nano aquariums that are small in stature, yet big in impact