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astronaut what I wanted to be at first. But I'm afraid of heights. ⭐

Protection The reason I chose this picture is because of the uniform/suit this Austonut is wearing. The suits main purpose is to protect her from elements that can potencially harm her in space, along with allowing her to breath.

Without you i'm Incomplete.

50 Recent artwork of radical calligraphy and freestyle typography,those experiments was done by a several tools to come up with a different style each time.


ArtStation - The proven land, Brennan Massicotte



Getting There: The Nostromo — Gavin Rothery

Getting There: The Nostromo

Ron Cobb, one of the premier sci-fi production designers of the last 40 years, explains the history of the doomed vessel in Alien.

sid - rocketumbl: 古賀学  Underwater Knee-High Girls...

vrappucino: “ circuitfry: “ functional jet-propulsion swimming robot legs aqua-cyborg ” *competitive swimmers crying tears of joy in the distance* ”

Reading to the forest as it lurks along the river bed

Monster don't have to be scary. I just love the fascination this monster shows. The Art Of Animation, Imaginism