Be the doctor your parents wanted you to marry.

Be the doctor your parents wanted you to marry. Probably not but a girl can dream!

Work in Progress - Doctorate Degree

Want to teach educators or specialize in education and earn your doctorate? Looking for a reasonably priced, regionally accredited school offering great specializations in their EdD program with a virtual residency option, free textbooks and .


sexinfusedglamour: “I hope one day I will make it. All I do is live and breathe fashion, I will sure as hell work my ass off to get there!

Medicine is only for those who cannot imagine doing anything else.

I've always had a backup plan for every goal in my life.being a doctor is my only exception. It's the only thing I dream about.

Cómo transformar problemas en soluciones

Si sou docent, recordeu: No hi ha problemes, hi ha solucions.