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Craft Yarn Council Size Charts - lots of sizing charts and info that's yarn-specific

So many of us are designing crocheted bootie and slipper patterns with a range of sizing included.  This guide is a quick way to gauge sizing for babies and kids.  This is the fourth post in my  Sizing & Measurements series, you can find the others in the Tips & Tricks section of my blog! I hope youRead more

Crochet Patterns - Shoe and Foot Sizes for Babies and Kids - Pattern Paradise

Hat,glove, slipper measurements for every size. I hate it when patterns that say "continue for length of foot" when the target foot is 500 miles away.

Crochet Education - Standard size measurements of all things crocheted.

Yardage Chart the numbers are based on 44 wide fabric. Description from yly.battingworld.serveftp.org. I searched for this on bing.com/images

Technine Men's Travis Kennedy Snowboard Half Pipe Freestyle Gloves Mitten Bind

Choose the right size Ski glove or Snowboard mitten for warmer hands. Use this chart to determine your glove size!