TODAY!!! GOSH! ok So today I went to the River with my little brother, No makeup, Messy Bun, crappy outfit. and I saw the hottest guy! He flirted with me a bit and made sure I was watching when he Cliff Jumped. He had like a 6 Pack, V line, Ect! I was like :'D But we dident exchange numbers, I was to shy :P ~S

just girly things. And they are the only boys who are your age. (I live on a island with two boys my age, one is planning to get married, and one used to bully me like crazy.

period. point blank.

29 things you probably didn't know about boy meets world. I new all the stuff about extra characters, and multiple parents for Topanga.

I have been working in the psych ward all week. I have to wonder if anything I say makes a difference in someone elses's life.

Oasis- Wonderwall lyrics / I sing this song almost everyday Bc my Wonderwall is the one to save me❤️