Adventure Time Comics 15 Marceline the Vampire Queen by JJ Harrison

jjharrison: “Adventure Time Comics Issue 15 Limited Collector’s Edition Variant by JJ Harrison for Boom Studios I just received my copies and BOOM!

Princess Bubblegum, Fiona, Marci! Yeah its cute and all, but whats up with marci holding a random poodle? shouldnt she be holding hambo or something?

Princess Bubblegum holding Peppermint Butler, Fionna holding Cake, and Marceline holding

hora de aventura anime marceline y marshall lee - Buscar con Google

Marceline And Marshall Lee. Am I the only one thinking they could be siblings, and Marshall Lee's older by like a year or two, and then he started dating Princess Bubblegum, and the same thing happens with Marceline and Prince Gumball?

Adventure Ukiyo-e Time!

Medieval Ukiyo E Videogames

Imagine Finn & Jake as a century Samurai & his faithful magical beast! Legendary Heroes of Ooo by Emmie Marielle Rodriguez.