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We’re gonna talk about that blessed 72-hour game plan right now. Whether  you’re a Retailer or in the queue club, LuLaRoe’s 72-hour Plan is basically  the foundation to your business and like any foundation, it absolutely and  totally connects to your WHY (everything should!) The 72-hour Game Pla
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Thank you to everyone who supports me in my business! I love you all!  Gracias a todas uds que me dan la oportunidad de servirlas!! Shop my online store @ www.youravon.com/amartinez8866
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These DIGITAL DOWNLOAD printable clothing dividers are perfect for sectioning off your Lularoe inventory, making it easier for customers to browse their sizes. PRINTING: This printable is designed for you to print sizes on both sizes of your dividers if you would like. Do this by loading 1 sheet at a time through your printer. Print page 1, flip and re-load into your printer and then print page 2. Print page 3, flip and re-load into your printer and then print page 4. You can also do these…
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