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Open mouth showing upper lip, lower lip, gums, tongue, and inside of cheek. Hard palate is front of roof of mouth. Soft palate is back of roof of mouth. Uvula is soft tissue that hangs from soft palate. Tonsil is ball of tissue on side of throat, one on each side. Retromolar trigone is tissue that joins upper and lower jaws. Closeup of underside of tongue and floor of mouth (soft tissue under tongue).

Complete Oral Health: Know What To Care Beyond Your Teeth The mouth is not made of just teeth, so to ensure that you are getting complete oral health, you should also consider other parts of the mouth that must be given proper cleansing.

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Overview Cells in the body require oxygen to survive. Vital functions of the body are carried out as the body is continuously supplied with oxygen. Without the respiratory system exchange of gases …

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When diagnosed with IgA Nephropathy, many patients are asked to remove their tonsil. Is there a relationship between IgA Nephropathy and tonsil?

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