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There is something to be said about two people who find each other time and time again no matter what situations they end up in or how far apart they become they come back to each other those are the people who have a little thing called fate on their side those are the people I envy it's almost like the world is saying stop separating you are meant to be together, mark Irizarry!!!!

Friendships & romantic relationships alike, they always seem to find their way back, even if they can't stay long

It's like gravity...                                                                                                                                                                                 More

L - star quotes: I like this explanation of relationships. Whether it's a romantic love or only friendship. I think it applies

Let go first and let them come back at the right time.

Sometimes you have to love people from a distance and give them the space and time to get their minds right before you let them back into your life. Someone gave me this advice all I can say is ( No Comment ) . Just sayin'!

And this is exactly how it happened. 250 miles between us meant nothing. We needed to be together more and more every day over time. And now I'm stuck with him. :-D

So true! Some things are meant to be. No matter what tried to come in between nothing can stop it ♥ We are unbreakable! Our love is true! We have been One since day one. We ARE TRUE SOULMATES!

Regardless of any other factor, we will ALWAYS be together...

we never gave up . and we never will. Love you to the ends of the earth Justin!