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The letters at the top of the Lotus logo are the initials of Lotus' founder, Anthony Colin Bruce Chapman. It's unknown why he chose the name 'Lotus' for his car company. The green background is British Racing Green, the color of British cars in his day. The yellow background symbolizes the sunny days Mr. Chapman hoped lay ahead for his company.

I have an original neon light from a closed Lotus workshop in Belgium ,People interested in it can contact me ( its complete but need some restoration)


Logo Honda

Everyone likes the car 405 freeway headed North up on cables left Hand lane


Logo Bugatti

The Automobiles Ettore Bugatti is a French car manufacturer of high performance automobiles founded in 1909 in the German town of Molsheim, Alsace by Italian

Logo Redbull

Comment créer un bon logo ?


Logo Volvo

Volvo Logo Wallpapers - Volvo is a Swedish commercial vehicle group. Volvo was founded in 1927 as an automobile manufacturer, sold the car division of Volvo Car

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Founded in Rüsselsheim, Germany, January by Adam Opel. At the beginning, Opel just produced sewing machines in a cowshed in Rüsselsheim. In 1886 he began to sell high-wheel bicycles, also known as penny-farthings.