The happiest day of their lifes by viria

One thing I would totally have changed in the books : Harry and Ginny getting together so late in the series, I would have gotten rid of cho Chang and Harry's relationship and made him and Ginny get together in book

Lily by on @DeviantArt

CONCEPT ART- This was Nica's first go at Lily, and while it doesn't look as much like Lily, it is good for costume. Cav, I think you might have been right about black working for skirts/pants. But I do want the ivory/cream shirts.

Lily Evans

I guess I felt inspired enough to paint some Lily Evans while experimenting with colouring. and strangely I love the result. I really love the result of. she is the sunlight

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Don't ship it but so cute! I don't even ship it but I like it

Ginny by jennapaddey on DeviantArt

Ginny Weasley from Harry Potter in her quidditch uniform. Still not over the fact that they destroyed her in the movies- sorry Bonnie Wright, i’m sure you’re a very nice person, but your character had less personality than my sock.