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Imagine Cain .... LOL mamapeterson on tumblr #Supernatural #Cain #Crowley

Imagine Cain .... LOL mamapeterson on tumblr #Supernatural #Cain #Crowley

'What? Not all of us need an angel to pull us out of hell...' 'Yeah, we kicked her out.' Crowley said rolling his eyes. 'Now for fucks sake keep her alive!'

((Open RP need a Sam and or Dean)) "But she was dead." Sam says as I cut off the vampires heads that were surrounding them. "Yeah, but you jackasses never bothered to salt and burn me." I say as I wipe the blood off my machete.

Oh Mark! xD I love how it says 'HER' ten years are almost up! GO CROWLEY!

"Here we see Crowley smiling because Justin Bieber’s ten years are almost up. Thank god it's almost over!

I had snuck out at night to go hunt vampires even though Sam and Dean had told me no because it's "too dangerous". I snuck out anyway, I had just got back and I was closing the door behind me when I hear Sam behind me "Where'd you go?

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Just imagine. GIFset This one is my favorite, but punching Metatron in the face would be fun too.

can't even. I already made a fanfiction about this XD <<well technically this is dean and castiels relationship. Now I'm just waiting for the kiss part