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How to Make a Chaplet Ecclesiasticus? - The Inquisition - Obscurus Crusade

How to Make a Chaplet Ecclesiasticus? - The Inquisition - Obscurus Crusade

How could I tell Them ... by Widdershins-Works

by Widdershins-Works on DeviantArt Ohh, I'm so happy the game developers didn't think of this.

"The problem with a lot of our ubiquitious surveillance is precisely not that it is overtly hateful and hating. Instead, what makes so much of it easy to pursue is that it presents itself as a kindness. Here is some advice about not reading the Internet so much! Here is a way not to die because you read your iPad before sleeping! Here is some food you should eat instead of what you are eating! . . . Here are some bad people that I am sure you are not."

How to not get distracted while reading textbooks in college

So you're against immigration?  Splendid! When do you leave?  Peace

Funny and or stupid signs about guns. Funny signs about the second amendment. Funny signs and quotes about gun control.

Alistair and The Warden...words cannot express how much I love this.

Maybe Alistair is so pale in DA:I because he's been hiding out in caves. Or possibly the warden is searching so hard for a cure cause dude is legitimately succumbing to the taint.

How to Make a #Replica of #DragonAge Inquisition #Helmet #Gaming #Geeky

Building a Full Scale Dragon Age Inquisition Helmet: 10 Steps (with Pictures)

They had an opportunity to make Qunari women gorgeous and they ruined it... THIS is how they should have looked in DAI

Beautiful sketch but I'm glad they didn't make Qunari women adhere to elven / human standards of beauty