Fashion Illustration, Watercolour Fashion Illustration - Titled: Roze. $300.00, via Etsy.

Pink for October. All proceeds to Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Print of Watercolor Fashion by silverridgestudio, illustration

CAN SOMEONE PLEASE RP AS HER ON MY BOARD CALLED SCHOOL FOR FEELS. Name:(you pick first name) Chase. Age: 15. Gender: Female. Birthday: August 29, 1999. Parents: Hecate and the Doctor. Powers: (you choose). Other: Luna Chase's(me) twin. Looks: tan, 5'3, one brown one blue eye, dyed fiery red hair.

Hi I'm Laina, daughter of Poseidon. I have blushing pink hair and acid blue eyes. I love to read by the beach and my out my foot in the sand. I write uncanny stories and draw anime.

I like how the eyes pop out so much in this illustration.

Portrait Illustrations by Esther Bayer

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A bit of fashion illustration inspiration.

This is a fashion illustration using watercolour. I love the way the colour is splashed across the bottom of the image.

watercoloring: the next adventure

Leopard Coat // Caitlin McGualey